Testimonials of Allen J. Kruger, Esq.


Allen J. Kruger, Esq. has built a reputation by providing excellent legal services throughout the state of Maryland. Allen has helped Maryland residents achieve the best possible outcome to their divorce, custody, and auto accidents cases.

Read on for past testimonials of Allen and their team of attorneys to see why The Law Offices of Kruger & Kruger LLC, is known as a top law firm in Maryland.


Allen handled a difficult divorce case for me in a very professional and efficient manner. I would recommend him for any divorce case, but especially the high conflict type case. He did an outstanding job of ensuring the good decisions were made even in a very emotionally charged environment.


Mr. Kruger’s representation was uniformly professional, responsive, timely, measured and thoughtful. His depth and breadth of experience were especially evident in the clear way he explained his legal advice and his ability to very quickly craft a legal strategy that addressed my needs. He was the only attorney I consulted who could figure out how to split complicated joint assets and resolve competing concerns. He and his staff were always available to assist me and answer questions.

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