Testimonials of Allen J. Kruger, Esq. and Kim DiGiovanni Aluisi, Esq.


Allen J. Kruger, Esq. and Kim DiGiovanni Aluisi, Esq. have built a reputation by providing excellent legal services throughout the state of Maryland. Allen and Kim have helped Maryland residents achieve the best possible outcome to their divorce, custody, and auto accidents cases.

Read on for past testimonials of Allen, Kim, and their team of attorneys to see why Kruger DiGiovanni Aluisi, LLC, is known as a top law firm in Maryland.


Allen handled a difficult divorce case for me in a very professional and efficient manner. I would recommend him for any divorce case, but especially the high conflict type case. He did an outstanding job of ensuring the good decisions were made even in a very emotionally charged environment.


Mr. Kruger’s representation was uniformly professional, responsive, timely, measured and thoughtful. His depth and breadth of experience were especially evident in the clear way he explained his legal advice and his ability to very quickly craft a legal strategy that addressed my needs. He was the only attorney I consulted who could figure out how to split complicated joint assets and resolve competing concerns. He and his staff were always available to assist me and answer questions.


I was involved in a serious car accident in November of 2010. Kim and Meg handled my case beautifully. Under a very emotional and traumatic time, they were wonderful. I did not have to worry about anything. They kept in touch on a regular basis and kept me informed about updates concerning the case. My husband and I would recommend them to anyone who needs legal assistance!


I came to Kim to file for separation the day after finding out of my husbands repeated infidelities. I have a close relative that’s an attorney in a nearby county who recommended her to me as one of the best in her field – “a tough, hard working” attorney . It was a huge relief to come out of my first appointment feeling secure, and in good hands. She was able to advise me with great prudence and empathy when I was not able to see the forest through the trees. It was clear by her actions that she always had our children’s and my best interest in mind and not her own. She strongly encouraged mediation when opposing council was against it and I found her very knowledgeable of what I could expect if I had gone to trial. With her experience and wisdom, she was able to help settle the case with a very good outcome in a short amount of time, from the day I eventually chose to file. She supported me during my separation and was very patient and honest with me during the difficult time. Kim is gifted with being able to convey feelings for someone and being a good representative of her clients needs. During the whole process, I enjoyed being greeted by her staff with a sincere “hello” and smile. Kim was punctual and very organized with her appointments. Lastly, her legal assistants were very thorough in getting me information and dates in a very timely manner.


Since my accident, Kim and her staff have been so supportive and patient. They have explained in detail information I needed to make decisions concerning my case.  I have recommended her to several friends and will have no problem recommending her in the future. I have no problem saying that I have complete trust in Kim and her advice.


Kim and her staff stuck right by me through a very difficult divorce/custody case. She was honest, knowledgeable and totally changed my opinion regarding lawyers. She was honest about costs of legal issues and if it is worth perusing versus the cost. I believe she truly wants to keep her clients costs to a minimum. Even after she was no longer my attorney, she took the time to email me information so I could act on my own behalf. Kim and her entire staff are truly genuine, caring and completely professional.


I was first recommended to Mrs. Aluisi in November 2003 when I was going thru a divorce that involved a very emotional child custody hearings. During this most trying time in my life Mrs. Aluisi was always empathetic to my feelings and would listen to me while always making me feel like I was her most important client. She would then calm me down and help me be more rational. Mrs. Aluisi always understood my feelings thru her 25 years experience but then would fully explain to me all my rights, all the rights of my spouse and Maryland divorce law. Mrs. Aluisi always returned my calls the same days that I would call even when I wanted to ask her about the smallest detail of my case. I was extremely happy with the outcome of my divorce proceedings. Mrs. Aluisi worked hard with my exes attorneys and the courts to grant me joint shared custody with primary resident. Mrs. Aluisi was also aware not damage any further my relationship with my soon to be ex thru the court proceedings so we all could start the healing process that everyone of us go thru in a divorce that involves children. Seven years later I had a situation that I needed a lawyers opinion that I trusted and respected. I called Mrs. Aluisi and like clocked work she called me back, talked to me about my situation and explained to me how to handle the situation. I have worked with numerous lawyers in my 15 year profession and hands down she is one of the best lawyers I have seen in the court room. She is my lawyer for as long as she will have me as her client.


I had a very complicated divorce that included many variables and Kim approached everything professionally and unbiased! Her knowledge of the law and ability to apply appropriately was remarkable. The outcome of my divorce & custody was extremely favorable and would recommend Kim DiGiovanni Aluisi and her law firm to anyone!


Mrs. Aluisi is a brilliant, professional, and hard-working attorney. Her experience allowed her to give me key insights and advice during every point of my separation, divorce, and post-divorce family-related legal matters. She is frank, realistic, and is one tough fighter in court. Nothing gets past her. Her staff is knowledgeable, attentive, and absolutely courteous and professional. Mrs. Aluisi helped make a very difficult circumstance tolerable. It gave me great confidence to make the decisions that were best for me as she knew and anticipated every step in the process, which helped everything work as smoothly as possible. I give her my highest recommendation and enthusiastically encourage anyone in need of a family/divorce lawyer to hire her, as she is the best in the business.

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